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Monday, May 9, 2011

Someone Who Turn On Lantern

Fitri Yani’s Poetry

Sorry, in each time my heart beats 
I always fail to remember you, dear

Cause my rememberance not only
Name, sign, and your aromatic perfum

But also Mahabaratha story with incense fumes dance
that you can’t show with simple performance

And in each my eyes wink, dear
There is a lamp which glow in the dark
after oftentimes I fail embrace by you

But why now you belief to moon shines
when my eyes lamp was glowing?
Here, dear, I’ll make a cup of coffee
herewith you poaching poetry

“ah, mahabaratha story imposible to showing
I am not sure at the moon, Rahwana and Sinta fail to smooch”
You said while chew poetry stew by greedy

Ah, perhaps you forger, when the coming of eclipse
My eyes lamp will be running out of wick


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what is more beautiful than night/ and someone in your arms/ that's what we love about art/ it seems to prefer us and stays—Frank O'Hara