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About Me

Fitri Yani
Born in West Lampung. February 28, 1986. Fitri Yani is a graduate from Lampung University. She was a member of the university’s students art group and performed with Teater Kurusetra and Komunitas Berkat Yakin (KoBer). She writes poems and stage plays. Her poem was selected as one of the 60 best Indonesian poems (2009 Pena Kencana Award) and one of the 5 best poems (Radar Bali Literary Award 2009). Invited to Pertemuan Penyair Nusantara V and VI in Palembang and Jambi (2011&2012), Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (Bali, 2011), Gathering of Poets Indonesia IV (Ternate, 2011), and Poetry Festival and Folk Songs, Pangkor (Malaysia, 2012). Her poetry anthology Dermaga Tak Bernama was published in 2010.

Contact on Twitter: @puanmatahari


what is more beautiful than night/ and someone in your arms/ that's what we love about art/ it seems to prefer us and stays—Frank O'Hara