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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Unamed Pier

she waits for news from wave
but nothing
except the edge of coast
gone to waste

when sunset prayer’s flash color
in her eyes, she tells a story
about seagull that has gone to another coast
seagull which is ever bring she lost
to a unnamed pier

waves come in night beginning
dash down seagull’s carcass
in her leg exactly

“ no useful feeling, sir!”
she said

waves go again
leaving refuse promise

“i should waiting for something”
in this moment she say to herself

in her eyes waves barmy

there is something she want to leave
so that everything will be lost
but she still save a story

:twilight with seagull
in unnamed pier


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what is more beautiful than night/ and someone in your arms/ that's what we love about art/ it seems to prefer us and stays—Frank O'Hara